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2018 Halcon Rojo Pinot Noir Re-Release Tasting

2018 Baileyana Halcon Rojo Pinot Noir with bouquet of flowers

Tasting Room Manager Amanda Brown sat down with Winemaker Rob Takigawa to taste our 2018 Baileyana Halcon Rojo Pinot Noir. This light, fruit-forward Pinot Noir has developed a more linear style where the tannins and red fruit flavors are much more integrated.

We're releasing just a few cases of this wine from our library stash as an exclusive treat for our celebration of Pinot Noir all month!

Wine Tastings

2017 True Myth Chardonnay Tasting

True Myth Chardonnay

Winemaker Rob Takigawa and Tasting Room Manager Amanda Brown recently sat down to taste our 2017 True Myth Chardonnay.

The result?

A spectacularly lively wine still bursting with acidity balanced by creamy oak and just starting to show the delightful complexities of aged white wines. Check out the full video below.